Healthy Pelvis Conference a Success!

Over 70% of Jamaican women are affected by Female Reproductive Health issues like Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, and Painful Periods.  This fact is a part of why Shelly-Ann Weeks, Author, Activist, and HerFlow Executive Director created the Healthy Pelvis Conference. The inaugural event was held at the Jamaica Pegasus on Saturday, October 27, 2018 to a room full of mostly women. Gynecologist Dr Michael Abrahams was the first to present and spoke about periods as well as the irregularities that women should look out for that can indicate issues. 

The presentations continued with nutritionist, Tehuti Maat who spoke about a holistic approach to healing female reproductive health issue that included diet, exercise and even sleep patterns. Dr Lloyd Goldson followed with a presentation on Fibroids to include surgical options and the importance of diet and how it affects fibroid growth. 

Shelly-Ann Weeks closed by telling her story about her own struggles with uterine fibroids and how she was able to change the way she ate and not only achieve great results, she avoided a hysterectomy. 

The event also featured booths from various suppliers including the Cosmic Wombman, Zimmer Global, Base Foundation, Everything Therapy, Trwe Consulting and Sarweeks Publishing. 

Guests visit booths at Healthy Pelvis Conference

“I wanted to create a non-judgmental space where we could openly discuss the  challenges that we face with Female Reproductive Health issues and I am so grateful to the speakers for their candor and for facilitating all the many questions from the audience.” An excited Shelly-Ann Weeks explains.  “I am very pleased with the outcome of this event, and I look forward to our next staging.”

Healthy Pelvis Conference is a part of the Period Awareness Month activities that includes the Free Her Flow School Tour, Period Awareness Day activities, The End Period Poverty Campaign and Twitter Chat all created and executed by HerFlow Foundation. 

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