What makes you JEALOUS?

Written by: Shelly-Ann Weeks What is jealousy? Is it good for your relationship? How do you respond when you feel jealous? Is it possible to be in a relationship and never experience jealousy? These are some of the questions that pop in my head when I think of the proverbial green-eyed monster – jealousy. I have personally witnessed otherwise clear-thinking, sensible people act crazy as … Continue reading What makes you JEALOUS?

Who is Dr Sexy-Ann?

Shelly-Ann Weeks, popularly known as Dr Sexy-Ann is an Author, Sex Educator, Advocate and Speaker An experienced marketer, author, sex educator, columnist, blogger, host and media personality, Shelly-Ann Weeks has made a name for herself in Jamaican media from traditional to online. She uses her platform to spread her message of how to have happy relationships to thousands of followers. She writes a weekly column … Continue reading Who is Dr Sexy-Ann?