Here’s How Long It Takes For Your Vagina To Go Back To Normal After Having A Baby

Having a baby is no joke—it usually involves hours of labor and then suddenly you’re responsible for a little human being. And then there’s the fact that, in many cases, this baby actually came out of your vagina. That can’t be easy on your ladybits, and it’s not. So how long does it take for your vagina to get back to normal? It might be a while. “After a woman has a baby, it takes about six weeks for a woman’s vagina to heal from a delivery,” says board-certified ob-gyn…

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Vagina – The Truth about “The Needle Eye”

Written by Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks When it comes to the ideal vagina, most men talk a lot about tightness or grip. I have been told by men on many occasions of encounters with slack, loose or otherwise big vaginas that they consider of lesser quality. These comments bring me to a question, which has been plaguing me for some time now: How does one measure a “slack”, “loose” or “big” vagina? Before I get into the meat of the matter, let me explain the average size and ability of…

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