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Jamaican Sex Expert Chronicles Journey to Better Health Through Diet

Just two weeks before she was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy to remove fibroids that had plagued her for most of her life, Shelly-Ann Weeks made a decision that would change her life forever. The popular Jamaican sex educator, blogger and columnist known as Dr Sexy Ann, decided to eliminate processed foods, rice, sugar and meat from her diet and switched to eating only fish, vegetables and fruit. Three months later, her fibroids have shrunk to a level that no longer made surgery a necessity, she had dropped over 50…

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Are Your Periods Really Heavy? You Could Have One of These Issues and Not Even Know It

It’s tough to define “normal” when it comes to the amount of bleeding you experience during your period. That’s because there’s a lot of person-to-person variation in terms of volume. And talking about specific quantities—like the number of milliliters the average woman loses—won’t really help you figure out if your bleeding is heavy, says Judi Chervenak, M.D., an ob-gyn at New York City’s Montefiore Medical Center. “Menstrual periods are considered heavy when they last longer than eight days, or involve bleeding through more than two pads in an hour for…

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