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Consent – Only Yes Means Yes

Written by: Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks The start of a new year has always been my favorite time of the year because for me, it symbolizes and opportunity for renewal – a chance to start over. The start of 2017 as definitely thrown me for a loop because there has been so much disturbing things happening in the news and it’s hard to ignore. From the reports of women being killed at the hands of their partners to this blatant sexual abuse and misconduct by these powerful men of under…

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Man Found Guilty Of Rape After Removing Condom During Sex Without Consent From Partner

The reasoning: If the woman had known the man wasn’t going to use protection, she wouldn’t have consented to having sex with him at all. A French man has been found guilty of rape after removing a condom during sex without his partner’s permission. In a landmark decision, the Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne, Switzerland ruled that the man’s actions violated the country’s established laws on consent. This case set an important precedent: Having sex after tampering with or removing a condom without a partner’s explicit permission constitutes rape in…

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What Is Sexual Consent?

What Every Man Needs To Know About Sexual Consent Sparks were flying at the party. The conversation flowed. There was definite flirting. You shared a couple of drinks, and then a couple more. A little kissing and grinding on the dance floor. You’re into this woman. And you think she’s into you too. Fast-forward a few hours, after she accepted your invitation to finish the evening with a nightcap at your place. But the heat you felt when you first started to make out has slowed down. You’re on your…

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