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Balancing Love and Business

Written by: Shelly-An “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks

Living in the 21st century requires much skill and multitasking, especially if you are a woman. If we take a look at the women of the past, their roles were clearly defined and they were able to focus on nurturing the family in the capacity of caregiver to other family members.
Today, women are not only expected to still be caregivers, they are also running corporations, legislating laws and saving lives, among other things.

But how difficult is it to balance being a successful business woman, play all the additional roles and still find time for love? It’s very doable but like most facets in her life, she has to multitask and make adjustments. Here are some tips:

Do not start a new relationship compromising

Compromise is a word that gets thrown around a lot in relationships, mostly by the person not doing the compromising. While it’s understood that some compromise may be required in a relationship, it should not be the foundation that the union starts on. Parties should establish some level of common ground before they even embark on trying to be together as a couple, and build on that.

Invest in yourself
Too many women focus on trying to find happiness from an external source. Finding real fulfillmen starts internally and should be nourished from that stand point. Invest in what makes you improve and do it so you can be the best version of yourself. Then you will be better able to share yourself with someone else.

Stop working
Once upon a time a person will only work when they are actually at their place of work. Now with the advent of mobile technology, people can work all the time and they do. It’s important to unplug and make time for your personal life. We cannot allow work to stop us from having a personal life.

Celebrate your sexy
Being professional all the time can do much to numb any interest in intimacy and that can be problematic for relationships. That is why effort is required to maintain the sexy part of your life.

Our efforts to be successful in our business should not stop us from being happy with our personal life. It is possible to be both successful in business and happy with life overall – the two are intertwined. The real trick is to moderate the focus on only one aspect at a time. For practical purposes, some scheduling may be required and the full support of your spouse and extended family is also needed. It’s clear that time have changed and the evolution continues so let’s keep an open mind and make the best of it. Have fun and stay sexy.

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