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Are you Happy in Your Relationship?

Written by Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks

I am a fan of the romantic comedy. You know, the movie where two very attractive people meet in some really cool, unexpected way, they start talking, laughing together and before you know it the montage of them going on dates, playing in the flowers, and sharing awesome kisses rolls in. And you start to feel all mushy and smile because this looks like a happy couple just going through life sharing time and space together.

In real life, however, it’s not quite as perfect. Real couples have challenges and conflicts and they don’t play around in flowers – or maybe it’s just me. All joking aside, will all the ups and downs in a relationship, happiness can seem like a distant goal for some couples. When I talk to people about happiness, they always refer to the future and speak about some element that needs to come into play for the happiness to start. The response is usually “I’ll be happy when…” then they name what needs to happen. But what about right now? How can you be happy now? What do you need to make your relationship happy now, while you work on the challenges?

Here are a few guidelines:

– Do fun things together
I know we’re busy being serious adults, parenting and conquering our careers that fun seems Luke a frivolous waste of time, but leisure is vital to our mental health and overall happiness. Plus fun feels good – you can make memories that becomes a great reminder to lean on in more difficult times.

– Communicate
I say it all the time – communication is important to the success of every relationship. That’s a fact. For you to grow together, you must talk to each other. Stop telling outside parties the problems you have with your partner, talk to him her directly. If you need the assistance of a professional, then both of you decide how to proceed. But you must communicate.

– Have sit down dinners
We have very busy days and sometimes meals become a function of just satisfying hunger. Change that – set a time and sit down with each other to share a meal. Get rid of the devices, look in each other’s eyes, hold hands and reconnect. This is an opportunity to decompress and to catch up with each other. Make it count.

– Learn something new together

Going on a new journey to can be adventurous and it will give you a project to bond over. You can choose dance, painting, even a cooking class, it doesn’t matter, just keep an open mind and have fun with it. At the end of the course, you would have done something new and grown closer because you did it together.

– Share your passion

We all have something that inspires us that makes us feel worthy – share it with each other. Your partner can be your greatest support system, so give him/her the opportunity by sharing your passion with each other.

At the end of the day, no relationship is perfect, but if you are focusing on ways to bring joy to each other, then you will increase your chances of achieving happiness. So instead of seeing happiness as a distant goal, it will be a working progress. Living in the 21st Century is very demanding and most of us have full, busy lives. Make the time to work on the happiness in your relationship and building the intimacy between you and your partner. Have fun and stay sexy.

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