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Why Women Cheat

It’s easy to look at cheating as a black and white situation: Cheaters never have a good reason for straying from their relationships, and the other person is always in the right. In truth, there are more shades of gray than a certain immensely popular kinky franchise. As the following anecdotes show, women have a wealth of reasons for getting a little side action in a relationship. While everyone can agree it’s better if no one cheats in the first place, chances are you’ll find yourself empathizing with a few…

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Abortions Should be Legal

Written by: Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks Abortion is one of the few topics that gets very passionate responses especially when we look at making it legal. On both sides of the debate, there are valid points that proves the argument one way or the other. My participation to the debate is that it should definitely be legal. There are several reasons for my feelings on the topic, including the fact the Abortion law and similar pieces of legislation is only really evidence of our misogynistic culture’s effort to continue to…

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Curative Intercourse – Rape as a Cure for Homosexuality

Written by: Shelly-An “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks On a recent episode of Law and Order SVU, there was a group of your Christians on a trip to New York and 2 of the young ladies – who were virgins – were suspected lesbians. One of the young men in the group went to her bedroom and raped her in an effort to “cure “her of her “temptation”. He was sent there on orders from the pastor leading the group. They were not happy with using the word to describe the act,…

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