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Your Vagina On Sex

From the first sexy thought to that ultra-satisfying orgasm, here’s what’s happening below the belt. When something sexy piques a man’s interest, he gets a boner. What happens to you is less outwardly obvious but just as stimulating… 1. The second your brain senses some potential action, your blood vessels expand and direct extra flow south. The increased circulation spurs vaginal secretions—natural lube made up of proteins and amino acids—and a plumping of the vulva. Thousands of nerve endings in the vagina’s most sensitive areas light up. 2. Tissues in…

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PSSST! PSSST! … Laws Coming to Punish Unwanted Sexual Advances

Sick and tired of the catcalls to which women are subjected, the minister with responsibility for gender affairs, has announced that tough sexual harassment laws will be instituted to protect women from unwelcomed advances. “Some women and men are sexually harassed, even walking the street,” Olivia Grange said in parliament today. The minister, who did an example of a catcall by uttering “pssst”, said that sexual harassment is “not a simple matter.” “It is a serious crime and we’re moving to deal with it,” Grange said. She told the House…

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