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​What Your Period Blood Consistency Means About Your Health

Even if you’ve consistently had your period every month for most of your life, it’s totally normal to have questions about what exactly is coming out of your body—especially since the consistency of menstrual blood isn’t always, well, consistent. “A fun fact is that menstrual blood is different from blood anywhere else in body in that it usually doesn’t clot, which makes sense because if the blood immediately clotted then it wouldn’t come out,” says ob-gyn Jennifer Ashton, M.D. So if your period’s different from the blood in other parts…

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9 Weird Vagina Issues—Solved!

Let’s face it—there’s a lot that can go wrong below the belt. From itches and odors to bumps and bleeding, sometimes it seems like you need a manual. So we consulted the experts for nine common vagina problems and how to deal—fast! You Noticed a Weird Bump Who wouldn’t freak out after seeing a lump or mark on their privates? This could be so many things, but it’s likely not serious, says ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, M.D., coauthor of V is for Vagina. It could be anything from an ingrown hair…

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