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Dear Dr Sexy-Ann – My Friend Still Wants Her No-Good Man

Dear Dr Sexy-Ann, I need your advice. I think my friend is making a big mistake by taking back her ex man. He was no good for her to begin with. Do you think it is wise for a female to go back in a relationship with her ex boyfriend? Keisha, Portmore Dear Keisha, Relationships have ended and couples get back together very often. Old people say that “ole fya stick easy fi ketch”. There is no blanket way to answer your question except to say that if she feels…

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Engagements Should Never be a Surprise

Written by: Shelly-Ann ‘Dr Sexy-Ann’ Weeks There is a video circulating around social media with a young man on his knee proposing to his girlfriend. She not only rejected him, she basically asked him if he’s out of his mind since “di two a dem still a tek bus”. Of course the responses about this video ranges from hilarity to real genuine concern. Most of them insulting towards the girlfriend because to some she looked like a gold digger who want a “car man” and some even said he was…

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