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Dear Dr Sexy-Ann – I Want My Friend Back

Dear Dr Sexy-Ann,

My close male friend and I had got intimate for the first time over the holiday weekend. We got caught up in festivities, and before we knew it, one thing lead to another. Since then things have been kind of weird between us. I really enjoyed our weekend together but want my friend back. How can I fix this so we can go back to how it was before we saw each other naked?

Brenda, Ocho Rios

Dear Brenda,

This is a tricky one because as much as you want it, you may not ever get back to exactly how you were before the sex. I would advise you to talk to your friend. Be honest with your feelings and also be sensitive to the fact that he may not feel the same way you about the experience that you do. In any case, it’s better to deal with the facts. It is possible for you to move on from this but it will take some time and effort. Hope it works out for you.
Stay Sexy

Dr Sexy-Ann

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