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Are you Ready for Love?

Written by: Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks Not so long ago, finding love meant a chance meeting with someone you find attractive, exchanging phone numbers (home phone of course) and getting to know each other through a series of dates and talking on the phone. Remember those days? When you will be on the phone with your new love interest for hours, talking about everything and then when it’s time to hang up, neither of you wanted to go? “You hang up” “No you hang up” “OK, let’s hang up together”…

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Sexy Lifestyle 

An Important Sign You’re In A Happy Relationship

When you’re in a serious relationship, you tend to share everything—or almost everything. While you may be totally cool with sharing food, a bathroom, and the rent, it’s understandable that you might feel less comfortable opening up about more personal stuff, like sexual fantasies. But a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research suggests that being able to open up about your fantasies says a lot about the quality your relationship. For the study, researchers asked people in long-term, mostly heterosexual relationships, lasting an average of 2.5 years,…

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Her Flow 

5 Vaginal Conditions You Need To Know About

All the intel you need on these below-the-belt conditions. Let’s be honest for a hot second, okay? Having a vagina ain’t easy. It calls for a whole lot more upkeep than another sexual organ (cough, penis, cough), and unfortunately some of the well-intentioned efforts we put into making it look good—waxing, shaving, and cleaning with scented soaps and powders—only end up aggravating it and causing significant irritation, rashes, or a god-awful itch. Now for the good news: If you notice any of these symptoms appearing where you least expected them,…

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