Shelly Pens New Book – It’s My Body. Period.

For over a decade, Author and Activist, Shelly-Ann Weeks has built a reputation as a solid voice for Female Reproductive Health issues and this is continues to be evident in her newest published work – It’s My Body. Period.

Front cover of It’s My Body. Period.

It’s My Body. Period. tells the story of Shelly-Ann and her journey as she experiences menstruation for the first time. The story is told in her voice so the reader really get an opportunity to hear her thoughts and experience this very challenging rite of passage through her eyes. This is a unique vantage point because it reveals certain very person feelings that are usually kept very private. The method of story telling makes the character relatable and much of the feelings that she expresses are similar to ones that woman and girls in the same situation.

Shelly-Ann Weeks at the launch of her new book It’s My Body. Period.

“I felt compelled to write this book just because I observed that girls are not getting enough guidance about their periods beyond a stern warning not to get pregnant.” Shelly-Ann explains. “This is the book I wished I had when I started menstruating at age 11.”

It’s all smiles was Professor Donna Hope and Photographer, Steve James flank Author Shelly-Ann Weeks at the launch of It’s My Body. Period held Sept 13, 2018

As a part of the promotion for the book, Weeks will be executing a school through her HerFlow Foundation. She will also be donating books to the school libraries.

Get your copy of It’s My Body. Period.

written by: Shelly-Ann Weeks

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