Her Flow Presents Healthy Pelvis Conference

The inaugural Healthy Pelvis Conference is a one day exploration of female reproductive health. The objective of the conference is to provide comprehensive information about popular reproductive issues that affect thousands of Jamaican women – unhealthy periods, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and PCOS. The event will feature symposiums, panel discussion, workshops and one on one consultations with medical professionals.

Confirmed speakers at Health Pelvis Conference include:

– Dr Michael Abrahams, OBGYN
o What’s going on with the Female Pelvis? A detailed look at the statistics of the challenges that women are facing and the overall state of their health. What are some of the factors causing in the increase in diagnosis of fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, unhealthy periods, etc.

– Shelly-Ann Weeks, Author
o Eating healthy and how it affects reproductive health. Her results after she changed her life. Food demonstration, sampling and tips on how to start your own journey to a healthier lifestyle.
– Dr Lloyd Goldson, OBGYN
o A look at treatment options for female reproductive health issues. What can women do to prevent some of these conditions? What are the costs associated with the requisite treatment?

– Mr Tehuti Maat, Nutritionist
o Let’s make the connection with food, lifestyle and how they affect female reproductive health. What foods should be avoided? What should we eat? What about exercise? How much does exercise help to maintain optimum female reproductive health?

– Dr Karen Carpenter, Clinical Sexologist
o How is female sexuality affected by reproductive health issues? How can women get more pleasure from sex? What can women do to be more sexually confident? What are some of the myths that are taught to young women about sex that should be challenged?

HerFlow Executive Director, Shelly-Ann Weeks has had her own struggles with Female Reproductive Health Issues and since changing her diet and lifestyle has seen great improvements. She also learned the importance of exploring options and making informed decisions when it comes to her health.
“Healthy Pelvis Conference will be a calendar event that women and girls will benefit from.” Weeks said about the event.
“I believe that there is much that women have to consider when it comes to our heath and we have to start talking about our pain. We learn so much when we share our stories including how we can prevent certain experiences by listening to those of others.” Weeks explained.

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