Dear Dr Sexy-Ann – I want my partner to get tested for STDs

Dear Dr Sexy-Ann,

Is it okay for you to ask a potential sex partner to get tested for STI’s and STD’s before you have sex. I am a virgin and am concerned about the prevalence of these diseases and would like peace of mind before engaging in sex. I would also be willing to get tested with them so they don’t feel as though I am hiding something.

Sasha, Port Maria

Dear Sasha,

Not only is it okay to ask a potential partner to get tested for STDs, it is the responsible thing to do as you must protect your health. If this person is unwilling to do the tests, then you need to move on. If this person does not care about their health, then you should be very concerned. It is very admirable that you are thinking about your own health especially since you are inexperienced sexually. Don’t take no for an answer.

Good luck and stay sexy,

Dr Sexy-Ann

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