Make Her Squirt

Written by: Shelly-Ann “Dr Sexy-Ann” Weeks

It is probably the most wonderful, scary, embarrassing thing that could happen to a woman! You are making love with someone who you find absolutely attractive, the passion is amazing, you are feeling sensations in places you have only read about or watched on Discovery Channel and whoosh! You feel copious amounts of wetness coming from inside you! Did you pee on yourself, worst, your partner? Now? OMG! What are you going to do? What will your partner think? Here you are, mortified! You are also so aroused, your body feeling incredible as you’ve just had the most intense orgasm ever! Now you are feeling a myriad of things and you hold your breath waiting for your partner to respond. Did he even notice? What is happening to you? Should you be concerned?

These are the thoughts and feelings of most women who experienced female ejaculation for the first time. This phenomenon happens mostly from g-spot stimulation. While all are biologically equipped to ejaculate, only approximately 30% of women say that they have actually had the pleasure. We see it on porn, but don’t really bank on that reference too much, because they use special effects too. Squirting can be the most intense experience you ever enjoy sexually, if you are aware of what it is and how your body works. The good news is: it’s all good news. Here are a few facts: you just had an amazing orgasm, you did not urinate on your partner and you have nothing to be ashamed of. So how exactly did this happen? What is squirting? Female ejaculation (squirting) is the expulsion of liquid from the body mostly from g-spot stimulation.

How can you make your woman squirt? Here are some simple steps you can follow:
Step 1: Relax her – Ensure that she is calm, try massage, cater to her and really get her to relax.
Step 2: Turn her on – Get your foreplay on. Really arouse her. She needs to be out of her mind, and very wet.
Step 3: Find her G-spot – About 2 inches inside the vagina, feel for a texture spot. It has a feel similar to the roof of the mouth. When you make contact, she will respond – it’s very pleasureable for her. Constantly stimulating this area will cause the urethral sponge to fill up.
Step 4: Don’t stop – When you start stimulating her, she will be writhing and seemingly out of her mind. This is where you keep doing what you are doing. Her climax is building, she is about to explode, get her there.
Step 5: Enjoy – To witness her enjoy this earth shattering experience is almost as good as having it yourself. Bask in your achievement, pat yourself on the back. Big up yourself.

If you don’t know your body well, it will be scary to have this experience for the first time, especially if your partner reacts with disgust. Many women feel shame after ejaculating and fight the urge. One quick fact is that it is very difficult to urinate while you are aroused. Even if your bladder is full, you have to calm down before you are able to urinate. Another fact is that the fluid that comes from the body during ejaculation is NOT urine. It does not come from the bladder, rather the urethral sponge that engorges with fluid during sex. It is important to remember that your mind is very powerful and you need to be there mentally to let this amazing thing happen. So relax and feel the sensations flowing through your body. Have fun and stay sexy.