I wish you a Sexy Christmas

Written by: Shelly-Ann Weeks

Believe it or not, it’s Christmas again. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were celebrating the start of a new year but alas, time waits on no one. Christmas is a time when families get together and focus on making the children feel special. Most of the gifts are purchased for them and the activities are very children friendly. Unfortunately what also happens at Christmas time is couples get very little alone romantic time together. I want to let you know that you can have a Merry Family Christmas without sacrificing your Sexy time with your spouse.

Sneak off for a Christmas Quickie
The house is full of family members. Your mothers, siblings, their children, and friends have taken over your place and it is more and more difficult to get away. Take a few minutes in the middle of the chaos to go off and have a quickie. Try not to get caught, it will be very hard to explain to your little niece why your pants are down and her uncle is “dancing” on you with his pants down as well.

Be the Gift
Offering yourself as the gift to your partner as their servant to please them for a day. You can be a massage therapist, nurse or just willing to grant their every sexy wish.

Have your secret party code word
You get invited to holiday parties and they can sometimes be very boring. Make a secret code to let your hunny know when you are ready to get out of there. So your code could be something like: “Read any good books lately?” Which really means: “Wanna get out of here and do something naughty?”

Serve your Christmas dessert off the plate

Take your dessert with you to your room and serve it on a body part. When eating it, use no hands. Take care to clean the surface properly with a good tongue-lashing. What happens after will only served to add more Merry to your Christmas.

Act out your favorite Christmas story and add some Sexy to it

You know the various Christmas stories, how about picking your favorite and making it your own? “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer” could be “Shelly the Red-Cheeked Naughty Nymph” you can make up the story as you go along, whatever you do just make it fun! If you really want to be creative, se what you can do with “Oh Holy Night”.

Sexify a regular gift
Add a sexy spin to a regular gift. What you can do is throw in a sexy coupon with your gift that your partner can redeem at a later date. This coupon can be something you make and personalize, so it’s even more meaningful.

Maintaining the intimacy in your relationship is important especially during the holidays. Always try to make your partner feel special and know that you appreciate him/her. And after your family goes back to their lives, take some time to just be in each other’s company. Everything in life requires maintenance; your intimacy is no different. I wish to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very SEXY CHRISTMAS!!! Have fun and stay sexy!